Battle Royale Game Crazy Justice Gets Release Date On Steam Early Access

We’ve been talking about Black Riddles Studio’s Crazy Justice for a while now, as it looks to [...]

We've been talking about Black Riddles Studio's Crazy Justice for a while now, as it looks to be a Battle Royale game with huge potential, especially with the addition of its Skills Royale mode to boot.

Now you'll get a chance to try it out -- on PC, at least. The studio has announced that the game will arrive on Steam Early Access starting on August 23, which you can check out here. The Battle Royale and Skills Royale modes will be free of charge, though you'll need to pay for the Story Mode and other forthcoming multiplayer modes.

Alas, there's still no word on the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4 versions, which a lot of fans have been waiting on. Hopefully we'll see it surface before year's end.

Check out the features for the game below:

Selectable Heroes: Explore a fantasy world in Crazy Justice, the new Battle Royale sensation. Do you like heroes? Choose your favorite one from dozens of Heroes, select your skills then loot some incredible weapons to create your own customized character. Always stay in the safe zone! Will you be the last Hero standing?

Vehicles: Travel through the desert area, find the hidden loots in Temple of Osiris, visit the Great Vulcano in the snow-bound area. The best part: you don't have to walk around this incredibly huge area, just pick up a vehicle and explore the amazing world of Crazy Justice.

Battle & Skill Royale: Play the normal Battle Royale, without any abilities or select the Skill Royale mode and choose your Hero before every match, each of them has its own game-changing special skill. Become a poisoner with Kane, use Hegarts strength or hide somewhere on a rooftop and let the hunt begin with Spy. Deploy turrets, walls, stairs, shields, wormholes or use some other skills, it's up to you what your deck contains.

Cross-Play: Call your friends: It's time to squad up. Use the Cross-Play feature of Crazy Justice to invite your friends from PC, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. Help your team by dropping a bandage, or create a defense system together to reveal incoming enemies. Each Hero has strengths and weaknesses, but by working together the success could be yours.

A Giant Map: In Crazy Justice, you can explore a more than 6 km2 area with full of incredible loots, hidden areas, underwater places. But beware! Staying a lot under the water or camping in the winter area cause damage after a while. We aim to create a story based multiplayer which means that the map is going to change during the upcoming updates based on the story elements.

Skills: No matter what your playstyle is, you'll find it in Crazy Justice. With Crazy Justice's deck building system, you can become a defense builder, "Flash" or an assassin – all as the same Hero. Choose from dozens of cards to customize your skills next to the Hero's special skill and make each Hero your very own.

Story Mode: Do you like Co-op games? You will be able to play Crazy Justice story mode with your friend and explore the amazing, mainly fantasy-inspired world of it. Imagine yourself as your favorite Hero. Complete dozens of insane missions. Save the World from the forces of evil. Accomplish dozens of new missions as we extend the world of Crazy Justice.

Check out the new trailer above as well!

(Hat tip to Gematsu for the scoop!)