Someone Added A Battle Royale Mode To Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Considering how popular the Battle Royale genre is right now – especially with the millions of players diving into PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds and Epic Games’ Fortnite – we’re surprised that more popular games haven’t tried their hand at creating such a mode. But now, thanks to a savvy German developer, we’ve got a taste of said mode in one of the gaming community’s hottest shooters.

According to GamesTransfers, a German developer by the name of Kinsi has managed to create a custom server dedicated to a Battle Royale experience for Valve’s still highly popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The video above showcases just what the mode is like, in which players hunt down one another in the hopes of becoming the sole survivor over the course of a match.

Kinzi has had time to set up the Go4TheKill server for the mode, which actually takes elements from other more popular Battle Royale games, including the aforementioned titles, as well as H1Z1: King of the Kill.

There had been talks about Valve making an official Battle Royale mode for Global Offensive, considering how hot a commodity it is on Steam, but no official word has come from its release yet. Looks like Kinzi managed to beat them to the punch.

On the map, players will be able to visit a large, mountain-covered area, checking out a few villages and working their way through security zones as they secure a number of items, including weapons and packages.

Now, there is some slight bad news. The mode in Global Offensive is limited to 20 players, instead of the usual 100 you’d find in PUBG and Fortnite. But this is still worth trying out, especially if you’re a devotee of Global Offensive that continues to play on a weekly (or even daily!) basis.


So how do you access the server? You’ll need to visit the Go4theKill server page and enter your Steam account data. Considering it’s not an official mod, it’s at your own risk, so be cautious before you decide to do so. Once you’re there, run the multiplayer server and you should see the next round set up easily.

Good luck – and don’t bother looking for a chicken dinner here. Sorry, folks.