Battlefield 2042 Beta Slammed by Early Access Players

The Battlefield 2042 Beta is live in Early Access, with the Open Beta scheduled to go live on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC imminently. That said, while many are hyped to finally get their hands on the new Battlefield game, early reports and impressions suggest these same people may end up disappointed. The Beta is still young, but so far the majority of feedback suggests that not only is the game in a rough state, but that it is not packing the punch that other recent betas for Halo Infinite and Call of Duty: Vanguard had.

Of course, there are plenty of positive impressions on the Internet, and it's worth noting this is a beta, and thus not entirely reflective of the final product. In fact, according to developers, the beta is an older build of the game from earlier in the year. In other words, there's time for things to improve, and judging by the impressions below, they have to improve if EA and DICE want to compete. 

"This is how the Battlefield 2042 Beta runs on the PS5. Constant frame drops. Weird flashing. Huge Lag," said Tom Henderson, a prominent Battlefield insider, leaker, and content creator. "It's getting worse the more players that come online too. No wonder they didn't want to show off gameplay. As for the 'it's an old build' and 'it's a beta' argument... I don't think any developer has come out and said the Beta is 'months old' before it starts... It just seems like really obvious damage control to me. This 'Beta' has put a very sour taste in my mouth tbh. Sad times."

"Played around 5 hours of the Battlefield Beta and never got a tornado in any of my games. Thoughts so far are mainly that it feels like the game is having a bit of an identity crisis? It doesn't feel like previous Battlefield titles, it feels like the game isn't sure what it wants to be," added ModernWarzone. "Honestly think that the hype for Battlefield 2042 could end up being its biggest issue. It's not bad by any means, but man did I have higher expectations for this game than what the beta is showing right now."

"Spent a total of about six hours with the Battlefield 2042 beta now. Like, it's fun but it just *feels* so not ready for prime time. So much optimization and netcode work still needed," said Skill Up, with their impressions. "The contrast between this and Halo Infinite's recent beta is absolutely night and day."


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