Battlefield 2042 Made 40 Changes to the Game Without Telling Anybody

The recent Battlefield 2042 update apparently made a ton of changes and improvements that were not outlined in the official patch notes for the update. How do we know this? Well, because the game's Reddit page is keeping a running list of it all, and so far it has collected 40 different things that are not in the patch notes in any capacity. Some of these things are inconsequential, and so it makes sense they were left out, but others measurably improve the game so their omission is odd. 

For example, CPU performance across the board seems to have improved. Meanwhile, explosions look better, players can now customize their UI color, and the reticle on shotguns appears to be bigger. Most of these aren't game-changing, but they add up to improving a game that still needs lots of improvement.

Below, you can check out all of the "secret" changes discovered so far, again courtesy of Reddit. That said, remember to take the list below with a grain of salt because this is not official information.

  1. Added back the network event graph that shows bullets fired, client hits, and server hits.
  2. Players can change the color of their UI.
  3. AK-24 Steady Drill now also has a unique-looking grip, just added in this update.
  4. Huge PC performance increase as many users stated on all socials and forums.
  5. It seems that DICE has added some type of micro/HD destruction. [NEEDS FURTHER VERIFICATION]
  6. AIM assist on consoles has been changed in some way. Some report it's better and some report it's worse.
  7. Specialists have new voice lines in the main menu, squad display cutscene, and in-game (example; Mckay now makes a comment about his body armor catching a round when he gets shot at)
  8. Some weapons have adjusted visual recoil that now has more bounce instead of a flat tilt effect
  9. Cloth rippling effect on cloths when in or around helicopters looks like it slowly comes to a stop instead of instantly stopping when moving away from the helicopter
  10. New stumbling animation [requires verification]
  11. Takedowns and melee now splash blood on your screen
  12. Noticing that they attempted to fix the weird vehicle physics where you could flip a tank with LATV4. I slammed with full speed into a tank and my LATV almost exploded while the tank barely moved.
  13. MBT Turret Rotation slightly buffed, yet pretty subtle so [needs further verification]
  14. ⁠Better CPU performance
  15. BFBC2 smiley is changed + calling card 
  16. You can move around when the big map is open
  17. The Lock-Ons for the Jets have had their damage significantly increased. A single missile brings enemy jets to 15 hp.
  18. Not sure if this is considered a stealth change but the Vault version of the XM8 lmg has barely any bullet spread on it compared to what it was before the update on its portal version.
  19. Visual improvements on explosions (like more particles on tank destroy)
  20. Jet crashes seem more cinematic, much heavier, and perhaps more similar to bf5? Also, vehicle wreckages seem to stay slightly longer before despawning
  21. Font on the ammo counter in the weapon icon window on the bottom right of the hud has changed.
  22. They fixed the misaligned scope on the Liquidators DM7 skin.
  23. New model for Cobra Grip on all weapons
  24. BSV-M sometimes don't play the reloading animation
  25. Can happily say that the M16A3 heavy barrel is no longer glitched anymore, it shreds with heavy barrel and foregrip
  26. Not easy to confirm, but as someone who plays almost exclusively against AI, they feel improved and very difficult to handle when they're in vehicles. Would love to know if anyone else has noticed this.
  27. There's a new/renamed xp event when you kill someone with a meele attack (Dog tag taken + 25)!
  28. Flashlight no longer casts shadows on the environment on ultra settings for pc, however it still casts shadows on players.
  29. Played for an hour only, but I didn't experience the mouse jitter/stutter anymore. It might be related to the stealth performance uplift.
  30. Against The Grain bundle has been added back
  31. Zoom setting now saves when you switch to another variable optic, so if you're on the 1x setting on the Ghost 1-4x, you will also be set to aim through the red dot on the Maul 3x/1x
  32. The GVT 45-70 no longer 1 shot headshots across the map when you have a 6KU suppressor equipped. I couldn't find it anywhere in the patch notes
  33. Battle pass unlocks cannot be scrolled with the mouse wheel anymore – probably it was too OP feature for PC players.
  34. Very minor change: the PF51 ejects the correct 5.7 x 28mm cartridge whereas before it just ejected 9mm. Satisfying to see.
  35. The reticle for shotguns seems to be a bigger circle now.
  36. 870 mcs nerfed to the ground.
  37. Lis's "Slow Burn" skin from the "Fire Team" bundle finally got its emission pass fixed. Her jacket now glows like burning embers now instead of looking like dried orange paint.
  38. New map has a major problem (RUSH). When you get to the cube everything goes through the outside walls, like there are no walls.
  39. The 40mm HE under-barrel grenade launcher seems to have been buffed, it seems to be as good as the SFAR's now.
  40. AM40 skins have been updated. Before the update, they were perfectly clean. The skins are now worn-out like with the others weapons.

Battlefield 2042 is available via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. For more coverage on the 2021 first-person shooter, click here.