Battlefield 2042 Will Be Free-to-Play for Limited Time on Xbox

Battlefield 2042 has only been out for a little over a month at this point, but Electronic Arts and DICE are soon going to make the game free-to-play for some users for a limited period of time. Specifically, those on Xbox platforms--Xbox One and Xbox Series X--will be able to give the latest Battlefield installment a try for themselves starting today. And if that sounds just a little too good to be true, well, there is one notable caveat with the situation. 

Starting on January 6 (which is today if you haven't looked at the calendar), Battlefield 2042 has been added to Xbox's "Free Play Days" rotation. This is a program that those at Xbox have run for quite some time and it gives players the ability to check out certain titles for a specific span of time. In the case of Battlefield 2042, the game will be available to play for free until Sunday, January 9. After that time, retaining access to the game will require you to purchase it like you normally would. 

As mentioned, there is a caveat with this free offering for Battlefield 2042 and it involves Xbox Live Gold. Essentially, in order to download Battlefield 2042 for yourself, you have to have an active Xbox Live Gold membership. This subscription is the longest-standing one that Xbox has run and it also gives subscribers the ability to download a number of other free games each month. In addition, Xbox Live Gold is also baked-in with the Ultimate tier of Xbox Game Pass. 

Once again, this offer is one that will be available for those both Xbox platforms in which Battlefield 2042 is currently available. So if you want to download and begin playing for yourself, you should be able to do so right now. 


Are you going to look to play Battlefield 2042 for yourself this weekend if you haven't already tried it out? And how do you feel about seeing this game arrive so quickly on the Free Play Days service? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.