Battlefield 5’s PC Beta Will Have a Profanity Chat Filter

Battlefield v

We understand that you want to get into the heat of battle with the Battlefield V PC beta when it kicks off shortly here. But you may want to watch what you say during your match-ups.

Jaqub Ajmal, who serves as a producer for the team over at DICE, recently addressed a fan question regarding the upcoming beta, wondering if the chat filter was going to be moderated for profanity -- something that creates a rather toxic environment for a game.

The fan asked, "I couldn't fit a lot in there but regret missing chat filter. Please let us mute individuals not just the entire chat. I like chatting at times but one racist/ign jerk makes me miss out on it because I can't tolerate reading their garbage."

To which Ajmal replied, "Totally understand that. We have added a profanity filter in Battlefield V, which will be available in the Open Beta on PC."

This has led to quite a few responses on Twitter, including some concerned about how sensitive the chat options will be, as well as what words (such as "Dick," which could be a person's name) could be used.

Responding to another poster, Ajmal noted, "No, it's Battlefield where players are supposed to treat each other with respect in the chat. It's actually sad that things like these are needed."

One fan then wondered, "Kinda unlikely that 'ass' will be included. It'll probably be included in in-game dialogue after all. I never get tired of 'Check your asses!' in BF1."

Ajmal replied to them as well. "Personally I think there is a difference because if in-game characters say it to each other, that is part of the fantasy, like when you watch a movie and they are cursing at each other, While the chat is actually in reality, between players."

Battlefield V has faced the fire with controversy in the past, addressing some players' complaints about female characters being included in the game, to which it simply responded, "I think those people who don't understand it, well, you have two choices: either accept it or don't buy the game." Plain and simple. And this feature, though sure to leave a few fans divided, will either have to be accepted, or players can move on to something else.

Battlefield V's open beta is set to start on September 6. If you pre-ordered the game or you have EA Access or Origin Access, however, you can play starting tomorrow, September 4.


Battlefield V was recently delayed, but will be available on November 20 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

(Hat tip to Polygon for the details!)