Battlefield Insider Leaks Release Window of Next Game

While Battlefield 2042 has proven to be a massive flop, the Battlefield series is set to continue, but fans of the first-person shooter series may have to wait a little bit longer than anticipated. There isn't going to be a new Battlefield game releasing this year, and according to a new report, there isn't going to be one next year either. Rather, fans of the EA and DICE series will need to wait until 2024 for the next Battlefield game. In the past, EA suggested the game could release in 2023, and it still could, but industry insider and leaker Tom Henderson is reporting that a 2024 release may be more likely. 

What Henderson specifically reports is that "sources" would "be surprised if this came to fruition" in regards to a 2023 release. In other words, while 2023 may be the aim, a 2024 release is more likely at this point. And if you know anything about game development, you'll know games rarely release ahead of schedule. And these days they rarely release on schedule either. What's more common now is for games to miss both internal and external targets. So, if the game is aiming to release in 2023, a 2024 release is probably more likely. 

Interestingly, this report lines up with some recent language from EA boss Andrew Wilson, who suggested that following the failure of Battlefield 2042, EA is taking the "long view" with the series. In other words, Battlefield 2042 doesn't change much in the grand scheme of things for the series.

"We take a long view here. This is one of the great franchises in our industry, built by one of the great teams in our industry. And our expectation is that we'll continue to grow and be a really important part of our portfolio for many, many years to come," said Wilson when asked about the future of the series."

If Battlefield misses 2023, it will be bad timing for it, as Call of Duty is reportedly set to miss out on a 2023 release, leaving a huge vacuum for any multiplayer shooter that can muster up a good effort in the holiday window of that year. If Call of Duy and Battlefield are both absent that opportunity just got even bigger.