'Battlefield V' Map Voting Between Rounds Won't Be Live at Launch

Battlefield V’s feature that lets players vote on maps between rounds won’t be readily available at the game’s launch, EA DICE said.

Matthias Wagner, the level designer for Battlefield V, confirmed on Reddit that the feature wouldn’t be seen when the game initially launched. As part of the most recent post in the Weekly Debrief series that recaps everything EA DICE shared about the game lately, a series of proposed questions and answers from developers acknowledged some of players’ concerns and inquiries. One of these questions asked “Is map voting between rounds in Battlefield V?” with Wagner’s answer confirming it won’t be at the start.

“Unfortunately, this will not be available at launch,” Wagner said about the feature.

The wording indicates that the feature will make an appearance at some point though since Wagner said it wouldn’t be around “at launch,” but some players seem content with the feature not being implemented at all. The top three comments from users reading EA DICE’s post said that it was a positive thing that the map voting feature wouldn’t be ready at launch and offered solutions for it for whenever it does make an appearance.

Battlefield’s map voting feature is one that’s shared by both EA DICE’s games and other shooters like the Call of Duty series where players can vote for maps between games. Joining a game through a quickplay mode often results in getting put on a map that players didn’t select, but the voting feature allows more control over the map choices assuming players stay in the same lobbies between games.

The maps that players can vote on whenever the feature does go live were also revealed not long ago with EA DICE detailing all the maps that will be available at launch. All of the maps take place across various countries and continents with more to come after the game’s release.

When the game releases with these maps differs for some players though seeing how Battlefield V has several different launch dates. Those who subscribe to EA’s Origin Access Premier program will get it first with a free trial and other early access opportunities available throughout the next few weeks leading up to the game’s official launch.


Battlefield V’s Standard Edition launches for everyone on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 20th.