'Battlefield V' Roles Won't Limit Weapon Choices

A Battlefield V Reddit AMA saw EA DICE answering questions pertaining to classes and the roles that each class has with the developers saying that weapon choices aren't limited to those roles.

When selecting a class in Battlefield V, players choose from several broad categories including Recon, Support, Medic, and Assault. After choosing a class, the classes become specialized by choosing a role that focuses the class to a more specific purpose. While choosing a certain role will make players perform some actions better than others, EA DICE said in the Reddit AMA that it won't restrict players from using any other weapons available to the chosen class.

"No, the weapon restrictions sits on your class and not on the combat role," said Andreas Morell, senior producer for Battlefield V, when a user asked if weapons were restricted by roles. "So if you play support and pick the machine gunner role you will be better suited to handle MMGs with the passive traits you have, but you are not limited to MMGs you can play with any support weapons you like."

The lack of restrictions on weapon choices differs from what players had seen in the second alpha, the user asking the question pointed out.

Expanding on that question, another user posed a similar inquiry dealing that asked about gadget choices. They said "even though you guys think some should be preselected to fit the combat role, I don't want my choices to be restricted," to which EA DICE responded by saying that interchangeable gadgets is something that will likely be allowed in the full game.

"The first gadget slot is the 'class defining slot'," said David Sirland, multiplayer producer for Battlefield V. "That means for assault - explosives, medic - health, support - ammo, recon - spotting. Allowing interchangable gadgets here like pouch/box, or spotting for spotting is something we'll likely allow."

The developers addressed several more questions pertaining to Battlefield V's classes and roles, some of them dealing with the roles that players have to choose from when selecting either the Sniper or Medic class.


"Sniper Combat Role: The intention of this Combat Role is to be self-efficient due to the nature of snipers and their role on the battlefield," said Dan Mitre, global community manager for Battlefield V. "However, we hope that Recon players will utilize a Sniper's gadgets (spotting scope and flare gun) to benefit the Squad."

The full Reddit AMA with many more questions answered can be seen here.