'Battlefield V' Players Can Turn Off the Chat Filter

Battlefield V players can turn off the PC version's chat filter entirely to let all content flow through uncensored, an EA DICE producer has confirmed.

The chat filter has been a point of contention among Battlefield players who either didn't care whether the filter was in place or not, thought it was unnecessary, or perceived it as questionable censorship due to certain terms that were blocked. Among the usual suspects of filtered terms including profanity and vulgarity, "DLC" and other phrases like "Jew" and "Titanfall" were reportedly censored in the beta test. This led to players asking EA DICE why certain words and phrases were censored while others weren't with the developers responding to say that the questionable censorship was unintentional.

Addressing more of these questions and other criticisms regarding the chat filter, David Sirland, EA DICE multiplayer producer for Battlefield V, said on Twitter that the filter can be turned off locally. A Twitter user asked for clarification on one of Sirland's comments when he responded to someone who requested that there be an option to turn off the filter and said that the filter can indeed be disabled. He also equated the filter's purpose to anti-abuse as opposed to censorship and reiterated in another tweet that the filter can be disabled.

Sirland also said that the chat filter that players saw used a "dictionary derived from several EA games" that uses an AI learning algorithm and will be changed. This statement echoes EA DICE's comments following the beta that said it'd continue working on the chat filter in response to players' feedback.

Other games outside of the Battlefield series and the shooter genre have the option to disable chat filters locally, so it follows suit that Battlefield V would have the same option. This means that while the filter will almost certainly be turned on by default, players can disable it if they aren't opposed to any questionable content that may come through.


Battlefield V is scheduled to release on Nov. 20.