Bayonetta 3 Developer Provides Update on the Dormant Nintendo Switch Game

We're nearing the final months of 2021 and PlatinumGames' highly-anticipated action game, Bayonetta 3, still hasn't been seen or heard from. The third installment in the series was first revealed by Platinum and Nintendo all the way back at The Game Awards in 2017, but since that time, it hasn't been shown off in any capacity whatsoever. However, thanks to a new update that has now come about from the game's developers, it sounds as though this lack of information on the project isn't the fault of PlatinumGames itself. 

In a new conversation with VGC, PlatinumGames director, Hideki Kamiya, commented on the continued silence that surrounds Bayonetta 3. Earlier in the year, Kamiya had mentioned that 2021 could be a year in which the studio could provide fans with a new update on the game. Now, with no news having come about just yet, Kamiya has continued to stress that fans should just try to forget about the project for the time being. "If you remember last time, I said that even though everyone was asking about Bayonetta 3, maybe you should tell everyone to forget about it for a while," Kamiya said. "I kind of need to keep to that stance for now because ultimately, it's not our decision what to say and when to say it."

Kamiya continued on this last point and said that those working on the title at PlatinumGames are very eager to show more of it off. However, since Nintendo is the publisher of Bayonetta 3, the decision to show more of the title lies in their hands. "As much as everyone is clamoring to see it, we are really, really waiting to release it too. Everyone who is working on the project is of course very proud of what we're doing and wants everyone to see what we're doing," he said of the studio's current work on the title. "As much as fans are waiting for it, we are waiting for the day when we can show it. We want everyone to cheer us on as we run to the final stretch. We want to show it too!"

At this point in time, there remains a chance that we could still see Bayonetta 3 before the end of the year. Nintendo typically opts to hold a Direct presentation of some sort within the fall window, meaning that the next time such a live stream happens, perhaps Bayonetta 3 could finally reappear. Until then, though, it might just be best to listen to Kamiya and try to forget about the game for the time being. 


So what do you think? Will we end up finally seeing more of Bayonetta 3 before 2021 ends? Let me know what you think either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.