Bayonetta 3 Developer Provides Update on Nintendo Switch Game

2020 was the year in which many thought that we might finally start to hear and see more of Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch. Well, as you know, the year came and went without any substantial updates on the project. Fortunately, this isn't necessarily a concerning thing as work on the game is said to still be transpiring without any issues.

In a new update from PlatinumGames' Hideki Kamiya given to Famitsu, it was said that work on Bayonetta 3 is still ongoing and the game is doing well. "First off, many people are worried about Bayonetta 3 considering there hasn't been any new information since its announcement, but verifications of new systems have been going great and development is going very well, so please wait with peace of mind," Kamiya made clear. This message is similar to the update that the studio gave last year on the title.

The team at Platinum has asserted many times over the years that Bayonetta 3 is in a good place with its development, seemingly indicating that the game perhaps was just revealed quite early. For those who don't remember, the title was first unveiled at The Game Awards all the way back in 2017. Since that time, however, no additional trailers or gameplay footage has been showcased whatsoever leading to a now three-year gap without anything new to go off of.

That being said, perhaps 2021 will finally prove to be different. For now, we don't know what Nintendo really has slated to release over the course of the year meaning that the game could slot in anywhere if it's finally ready to be shipped out. Before that would come to fruition, however, you would imagine that we'd start to see some more footage of the game, perhaps in a Nintendo Direct that the publisher could hold within the coming months.

For now, all we know about Bayonetta 3 for certain is that when it does release, it will be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch. If you'd like to keep up to date with the game moving forward, you can continue following all of our coverage right here.


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