Beat Saber Reveals New Green Day Music Pack

Beat Saber Green Day
(Photo: Beat Games)

Green Day is coming to Beat Saber, an announcement from Thursday's showing of The Game Awards confirmed. The band with hit songs like "American Idiot" was known to be making an appearance during The Game Awards and would have an announcement alongside their performance, and while it was speculated that it'd be a musical tie-in to a game, it wasn't clear which one it'd be. It's now been confirmed though that they'll join the likes of other bands such as Imagine Dragons who have also had their music inserted into Beat Saber.

The band performed at The Game Awards to give the audience a show, but at the same time, an article went up on the Oculus site (perhaps a bit early) to announce the music pack. The music pack includes six different songs, and like the other music packs, it can be bought separately for $8.99.

Below is the full tracklist of songs that's included in the music pack.

Green Day's Beat Saber Music Pack

  • "American Idiot"
  • "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
  • "Father of All..."
  • "Fire, Ready, Aim"
  • "Holiday"
  • "Minority"

"VR is rock 'n' roll—it's fearless, it's challenging the way things are done, it's never taking no for an answer," said Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer and frontman of Green Day. "It's also the most engaging and unique way for fans around the world to experience our music. Strap in!"

Beat Saber's Green Day music pack is releasing tonight for all platforms.