Bethesda Continues To Tease Rage 2 Reveal For Tomorrow

Rage 2
(Photo: Bethesda)

UPDATE: Boy. That escalated quickly.

ORIGINAL STORY: Oh, Bethesda. You continue to be the sly minx that we know you are.

The company has once again teased at a potential reveal for the long-awaited sequel to its cult favorite Rage, which will reportedly happen sometime tomorrow.

The story behind Rage 2 is a rather interesting one. First, just a few days ago, Walmart’s Canadian page accidentally leaked out a number of pre-E3 game titles, including Bethesda’s Rage 2. But instead of denying the game’s listing, the company seemed to have confirmed it by correcting Walmart’s mistakes in the listing and suggesting that it could be bringing the game to its E3 presentation next month.

That’s not all though. It has since launched a viral campaign across its Twitter accounts, suggesting a huge unveiling to take place on May 14. And while some images have been cryptic -- Big Ben with a defaced clock face, a rocket taking off with purple clouds of dust behind it -- they all seem to point to something huge tomorrow.

Over the weekend however, we’ve gotten even more teaser images that indicate we’re getting a second go-around with Rage -- and the first glimpse is coming tomorrow. You can check out the images below, but they seem to feature gritty-looking punks preparing to do battle. And you’ll also notice the 5/14 date, confirming our previous theory with the campaign.

Now there could be a slight chance that it may not be a Rage sequel, but possibly something entirely new from the company that focuses on some sort of Road Rash-esque combat in a post-apocalyptic future. We’d certainly be welcome to that, but considering that Rage 2 rumors have been getting tremendous buzz on social media, that seems to be what the images are pointing towards.

Don’t forget that the original Rage has made sort of a mini-comeback as of late. The game debuted on the Xbox One backward compatibility list some time ago; and fans have been enjoying it on the PlayStation Now service as well, since it’s part of that cloud service’s streaming library.


We’ll find out everything we need to know tomorrow, as Bethesda will likely give us a glimpse of what we can look forward to -- with the full reveal to follow next month at E3. We’ll let you know what it has in mind.

Rage 2 will reportedly release sometime this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.