Bethesda Launches Amazing Campaign To "Save" Single-Player Games


This year's The Game Awards seems to be laying a whole lot of shade in the general direction of EA. In an awesome move by Bethesda, they just announced a new program to "save" single-player games in an industry that seems to think they are no longer important. With titles like Wolfenstein, Fallout, and Skyrim - it's no wonder why they would be champions of a solid story!

Wonder Woman's Lynda Carter led the campaign in a hilarious video to show off developer support for bringing gaming back to a focus on the gamers, not just a microtransaction form. For the first stint of showing support, Bethesda's single-player lineup of titles are on sale for incredible prices to promote gaming. But that's not the only thing they are doing to help.

They've also announced that the publishing powerhouse is donating $100,000 to Entertainment Software Association Foundation in an effort to grant scholarships to the next generation of developers. This will allow the newer generations to go to college to learn more about the video game arts and go out there and create the wonderful worlds that they can see within their minds.


In a world that is shifting into a more multiplayer focus, it's wonderful to see the indie market, and companies like Bethesda (among others), standing up for powerful narratives and thrilling storylines. To learn more, check out Bethesda's website here.