Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain Announced for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo today announced a new entry in the long-running Big Brain Academy franchise, Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain, is coming to the Nintendo Switch on December 3rd. Notably, Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain is being pitched as a multiplayer party game of sorts that players can set difficulty levels on an individual basis to compete against friends and family. As it has in the past, the new Brain Academy title is all about solving a variety of brain-teasing puzzles and activities.

As you might expect based on the trailer for the new title, which you can check out below, Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain comes with a number of different modes. There's Solo, Party, Practice, Test, and Ghost Clash modes, for example. The first is fairly self-explanatory while Party Mode allows for up to four players to compete in activities ranging along five categories, Identify, Memorize, Analyze, Compute, and Visualize. Ghost Clash is essentially multiplayer against the play data of others.

Practice mode is also exactly what it sounds like and will allow players to replay various activities to improve skills and earn high scores and medals whereas Test is sort of what folks might normally associate with Big Brain Academy in that it is a series of tests conducted by host and guide Dr. Lobe that results in a Big Brain Brawn score. There's just about something for everyone it seems like in Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain.

"Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain has the type of easy-to-pick-up gameplay and variety of accessible modes that feel right at home on the Nintendo Switch family of systems," said Nick Chavez, Nintendo of America's Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Communications, as part of the announcement. "This is a clever game for minds of all ages – perfect for family gatherings or a little fun competition among friends."

As noted above, Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain is set to release for the Nintendo Switch on December 3rd for $29.99. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the Nintendo Switch right here.


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