Biomutant Gets Nearly 10 Minutes of New Gameplay Footage

THQ shared new gameplay from its Biomutant game on Thursday to show off more of its world filled [...]

THQ shared new gameplay from its Biomutant game on Thursday to show off more of its world filled with creative creatures and contraptions. The gameplay trailer clocks in at just under 10 minutes, but just to set expectations, not all of is hands-on-the-controller gameplay with HUDs and unscripted moments. We see a lot of pretty animations as well as some combat where the player rolls around and fights massive beasts as well as some of the game's exploration potential. The big highlight of the trailer, however, is seeing how diverse the game's inhabitants are and how they'll all interact with one another.

We see many of those unique characters throughout the trailer boasting names like "Jumbo Puff" and other off-the-wall titles to go along with their designs and powers. Some menu navigations and weapon customizations show off some of the options players will have at their disposal when they're taking on all these creatures.

THQ Nordic and developer Experiment 101 said previewed that we'd see a ton of different things packed into the trailer, and it lived up to that. "Wild, exotic and fluffy creatures" as well as "crazy mutations and abilities on the Hero" were some other features to keep an eye out for.

Throughout the trailer, you'll see the protagonist using a number of different weapons and items to assist in battle. From bubbles that bounce around and pick up enemies to mechanical hands that blast people nearby, one can only imagine what other abilities and resources the player will have at their disposal. Taking, dealing, and dodging hits looks smooth in the combat sequences, and it looks like players can take on different playstyles to suit their needs and what the situation calls for, but we can only tell so much from a gameplay trailer

One thing noticeably absent from the trailer is a release date. A release window was discussed earlier in the year, but we haven't gotten a firm release date yet which hasn't changed following the release of this trailer. It ended by saying the game was simply coming when the creators "are happy with it." It was notably still confirmed for only the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms based on what was seen in the trailer with no mention of next-gen consoles.

During a chat with IGN, Biomutant creative director Stefan Ljungqvist said the game is "at the end phase of development," so we at least know that even if we don't have a release date.