BioMutant Developers Detail the Game's Open-World Features

BioMutant looks to be one of 2018’s most curious releases with its furry, fantasy characters mixed in with massive weapons and mechs, but some recent answers from the developers should give buyers a better idea of what to expect.

Being an open-world RPG, there are a couple of genre-specific elements that players should correctly expect from BioMutant that include a vast, open-world setting that’s ripe with decisions to be made. Speaking to IGN while answering community questions, developers Experiment 101 and studio head Stefan Ljungqvist started by explaining some of his inspirations for the game. Asian mythology, Kung Fu Panda, Ratchet & Clank, Devil May Cry, and other games like Breath of the Wild all played a part in the interesting final product known as BioMutant.

But just how open is the open world aspect of BioMutant? Ljungqvist explains that it’s around 6 square miles in size with some underworld areas mixed in, and the world will change as players progress through it.

“In BioMutant, theoretically, the world is open to you at the start of the game,” Ljungqvist told IGN. “However, some areas are not really reachable by foot and you need to find alternative ways to access these as you progress through and explore the world. There have been glimpses of this already; for example a goop (wat-ski) that’s required to venture out in the archipelago, a puff-blimp (air balloon) which is a great way to reach otherwise inaccessible mountaintops and plateaus and wearing specific clothes and equipment to endure changes in the atmosphere.”

The studio head went on to explain that the world will be connected in ways that you might not notice at first, so expect things to change depending on how you decide to approach different areas or situations. Going over some of the more eccentric characters that you’ll come across in BioMutant, Ljungqvist said that it’s more about creating more impactful experiences as opposed to numerous small challenges.


“The common factor in all of this is to have fewer, more memorable experiences and meaningful (or quirky) rewards, rather than a bazillion “basic” collect and kill quests,” he said. “And lastly, there will be challenges and actions related to the changing world, which will also open up new ways to explore and new discoveries.”

BioMutant is scheduled to release for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in 2018.