BioShock 4 Gameplay Details Teased in Job Listing

A new job listing out of Cloud Chamber sheds some light on BioShock 4 -- the Internet's tentative name for the untitled and new BioShock game -- and its gameplay. Unfortunately, the job listing doesn't contain any bombshells, but it does provide fans of the dormant IP what to expect. The job listing is more specifically for a Lead Combat Designer, but interesting the aforementioned tidbits don't have much to do with combat.

"Cloud Chamber is looking for a knowledgeable and accomplished Lead Combat Designer to join our studio and shepherd a team in creating industry-leading combat gameplay," reads the job description. "You'll be the team's foremost expert in your field, and be an example for the rest of the studio in your ability to inspire and create incredible, compelling content. You've got a wealth of experience and information that you're excited to share with the team around you. You're also excited by pushing boundaries and experimental gameplay. We've set the stage for a stunning narrative and systems-driven experience, come help us breathe life into this fantastical world. As a leadership role, we're looking for someone who is energized by the opportunity to manage and mentor a team of creators, to foster a collaborative and creative space, and to champion our values."

None of this here is particularly interesting, but it's not where the job listing ends. Elsewhere in the job listing an "immersive sandbox world " is mentioned as are "content creators," the latter of which may shed light on what Cloud Chamber's aim is with this reboot of the series. 

"Develop an FPS combat paradigm that is accessible, satisfying, and allows for a high degree of player expression and experimentation within a highly reactive world," reads another interesting part of the job description. 

It's hard to know what should and shouldn't be made of these details. It sounds like an open-world immersive sim, which is what many BioShock fans are currently anticipating. 

Unfortunately, the job listing divulges nothing about when the game may be revealed, let alone release, which means we still have zero salient details about the game that was first announced at the end of 2019.