EA Expands On BioWare's 'Anthem' and Its First Big Update

While many are getting their hands on BioWare's Anthem early thanks to EA's premier subscription [...]

While many are getting their hands on BioWare's Anthem early thanks to EA's premier subscription service, most of us are waiting until February 22nd to suit up once more. Though BioWare provided us with a detailed roadmap earlier this month, EA is expanding on what fans can expect immediately post-launch.

Though Act 2 and 3 are firmly locked (for good reason), EA did update the game's website with a closer look at what Act 1 will entail. "Our Evolving World updates will change the game to reflect the savage, dynamic environment the Freelancers call home," mentions the latest update. "In-game events vary in size, from minor ripples in reality to monstrous firestorms tearing across the sky. Regardless of their size, the danger is worth the reward."

EA added, "As the chaos grows, more teamwork, sharper tactics, and cooperative brilliance will be required to counter the menace. Our Stronger Together Update centers around improving social interaction and social competition between the Freelancers in the world of Anthem."

Cataclysms are also a fatal yet fun challenge players can take on, making them the perfect events to participate in for a rewarding experience. According to the publisher, "The pinnacle of challenge and aspiration for the freelancers. A deadly new Cataclysm has emerged in the jungle nation of Bastion, and the freelancers must band together to discover its mysteries, conquer mighty foes, and reap unimaginable rewards."

With BioWare planning on supporting their new IP for years of enjoyment and updates, we can't wait to see what other Acts await and what sort of narrative challenges they will have to offer.

Following the Echoes of Reality act kicking off next month, the rest is a mystery though given the images previously shown for Act 3 -- it looks like we'll be learning more about the tumultuous history that gave rise to the Dominion, the game's focus enemy.

For those that many not be up-to-date on this ruthless enemy, BioWare has previously mentioned that the Dominion are "a ferocious militaristic society in the mountainous North, the Dominion seeks to subjugate all of humanity under their rule. They have long been your enemy, but now the Monitor, a ruthless Dominion commander, believes he can harness the the power of the Anthemand use it to end all the "needless suffering" he has seen."

There is going to be a lot ahead, so much more than simple flying! The adventure begins on February 22nd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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