This BioWare's 'Anthem' Cosplay Brings a Casual Freelancer to Life

As BioWare continues to make improvements to the already impressive game of Anthem, parts of the gaming community currently enjoying the newest IP from the studio are showing off their appreciation in more creative ways. We've seen incredible Javelin cosplays, but not so much from the Freelancers out of their suits. At least until now.

The cosplayer in question goes by Kamui Cosplay and she's incredible renowned in the cosplay community. Svetlana Quindt is so accomplished, she even has her own set of published books showing other aspiring cosplayers the tricks of the trade.

While Anthem players can take to the skies in their fancy Javelin suits, running around Fort Tarsis has a decidingly more casual feel and that look can be perfectly seen in the crafted cosplay above. It's incredible and you can see even more over on her Instagram right here.

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