BioWare Talks Dragon Age…And The Jade Empire Sequel That Almost Was

BioWare is certainly keeping busy nowadays, between its post-launch content for its hit sequel [...]


BioWare is certainly keeping busy nowadays, between its post-launch content for its hit sequel Mass Effect: Andromeda, and next year's forthcoming adventure Anthem, which is sure to make waves across consoles and PC. But, believe it or not, the company's well aware of the other franchises it made famous over the years.

The first one worth noting was Dragon Age, and creative director Mike Laidlaw had plenty to say about it, speaking to the team at The 1099, indicating that it was "fairly distracting" with its making. And even though Inquisition left a lot of fans satisfied, the team isn't done with the franchise yet.

Laidlaw noted that there is "something" in the works for Dragon Age, but didn't elaborate exactly what yet. A follow-up to Inquisition? A mobile game? A sequel to Origins?! It could be anything, but, for now, it's "something" and the team is hiring "a lot of people" to get it done. Get excited.

As for the other franchise, Laidlaw brought up Jade Empire, which was a big hit on the original Xbox. And it almost appeared that we would get a sequel at one point…almost.

The company "certainly had some plans" for said sequel, and "it existed" for some time, but it ended up going on the backburner. "Jade Empire 2 was talked about, it was certainly considered. In a universe where there could be a Beyond Good and Evil 2 14 years later, I think it's very possible there could still be a Jade [Empire] 2. If someone said to me, 'Hey what would you do with Jade [Empire] 2?' I have an answer. I have a very clear answer in my head, but I also recognize that a majority of the leadership of Jade Empire 2, the people who are really the passionate vision holders, are all on Dragon Age."

Will we ever see Jade Empire 2 surface? Probably not for some time, since the team is keeping quite busy as it is between its other major franchises. Still, you never know – if it was being made at one point, maybe it could resurface again. Just look at Beyond Good & Evil 2.

Anthem will release next year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin PC.