Blizzard Hiring New Employees for Warcraft III, and "Other Classics"

As World of Warcraft players look forward to the Battle for Azeroth expansion and the return of our beloved vanilla experience with World of Warcraft Classic, Blizzard is going full steam ahead with making sure they've got the right team for the job. Apparently it's not just World of Warcraft getting a rez either, because the recruitment search is on for several "other classics" as well.

The latest job listing for Blizzard on their career page is a "Senior Software Engineer, Gameplay." Studios hiring is nothing new, but what is interesting is what was in the description. We already knew World of Warcraft Classic was on the way, but the inclusion of other classics has us raising our eyebrows a bit. Could the rumors of a Diablo remaster finally be seeing fruition? Plus, it's hard to not get excited about Warcraft III!

"Blizzard Entertainment is seeking an enthusiastic senior gameplay engineer to be a key contributor for Warcraft III and other classics. We’re looking for passionate players of RTS or the genres it unlocked. Ideally, you have experience in several of the following areas: combat, AI, multiplayer, pathing, or related game systems. You’ll be working closely with our designers and the community to help create epic features and bring about a balance that will keep players engaged for years to come."

The responsibilities also include:

  • Design, implement, and maintain various gameplay systems for Warcraft III
  • Work closely with game designers, programmers, and the community to ensure a great player experience
  • Champion Blizzard Entertainment’s core values, especially 'Gameplay First'

It's exciting and I know there are several franchises underneath the Blizzard umbrella that many would be excited to see. Personally I'm pulling for a Diablo collection with full remaster, but that's just my wishful thinking. What would you like to see the team work on regarding "other classics"? Are you Team Diablo or are you hoping for something different, perhaps in the way of Starcraft? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!

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