'Bloodborne' Player Discovers New Boss

(Photo: Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Sony Interactive Entertainment and From Software's beloved and critically-acclaimed PlayStation 4 exclusive, Bloodborne, apparently, at had one point, had an additional boss that the latter wind up cutting before launch.

The discovery was made by source code sleuth Lance McDonald, who is known for poking around and uncovering hidden and unknown things in the PS4 game.

More specifically, McDonald discovered a massive "Snake Ball" boss that was cut for unknown reasons, and seemingly pretty late in development, because the boss is playable and seems fully fleshed out and implemented.

The boss has apparently been a known quantity in the game's datamining community for awhile now, but the extent of the boss and its model in the game wasn't known. In other words, people knew about a cut boss dubbed Snake Ball, but didn't realize it was in the game in such a considerable fashion.

Apparently, the boss was believed to be nothing different than the Snake Ball and Great Snake Ball enemies in the game's Forbidden Woods region, however, when McDonald deciced to take a look for himself via From Software's in-engine model viewer, he realized this assumption was, obviously, very wrong.

McDonald continues in the video by noting and providing evidence that the boss was most likely the original boss for the Forbidden Woods area, a capper to the region instead of the Shadow of Yharnam boss battle in the final game. Whether this is the case or not though, who knows.


As eluded to above, why this boss didn't make the final cut is unclear, and at the moment of writing this, From Software has commented on the boss being discovered. Perhaps it's being held for a potential, and rumored sequel. Or maybe the developer couldn't implement it properly. Or perhaps the team just decided to cut it for quality reasons or because it didn't fit right into the game. Again, who knows.

Bloodborne is available exclusively for PlayStation 4. Despite launching back in 2015, the game still boasts a pretty large community, and as you may know, one of the most hardcore and vocal fanbases any game this generation can tout, which makes this surprise discovery years later not that surprising.