How to Access and Fight Cut Bloodborne Chalice Bosses Without Mods

For weeks we've been drooling over some mined Bloodborne content that never made it to the full version of the game. Some areas and bosses still exist within the game's files where they were discovered, but we lamented the fact that we'd never be able to actually fight those bosses. Alas, we can silence our lamentations, because now two of the cut bosses are playable thanks to some clever save file editing. Above is some video footage of a player attempting to destroy one of the more formidable bosses. Here's what you need to do to try it yourself:

Step up to one of the chalice graves, and and initiate a search. Under "Search by Chalice Glyph," you'll want it input one of the following two codes to access the two respective bosses: "sikgc3sm," or "arkhv2vs." After typing in the code, join the dungeon. You will then have to walk away from the gravestone, and then turn right back around and initiate it again. Then press X to warp to your selected boss.

It's important to keep in mind that neither of these bosses were intended to be used in the game, and both are unfinished. You're going to see some weird animations; you're going to experience terrible hit detection; you're probably going to die for strange and frustrating reasons. These are works in progress that will never be finished, so you have to come to this expecting a taste of secret gaming history, and not a polished gameplay experience.

A crafty modder who goes by the name "Zullie" has made this possible by generating her own chalices, and then using a save editing program to replace her created chalices with these unused chalices. Like we said, these have always existed within the code, they just weren't used in the game. The save editor allowed Zullie to swap in these bits of code for the official bits representing her chalices, and we get to reap the rewards by typing in her code and joining those dungeons.


Have fun, and remember to back up your saves before attempting to fight either boss!

(via ResetEra)