Bluepoint Games Seemingly Pushes Back Against PlayStation Acquisition Rumors

A strange situation came about just a few days back that led to many believing that Bluepoint Games, which is the studio behind last year's release of Demon's Souls, had been joining PlayStation Studios. While such an announcement never officially came about from Sony (other than one seen in a deleted tweet), it looks as though Bluepoint itself is not shooting down the rumors as well.

In the wake of this confusion coming about earlier in the week, Bluepoint Games has seemingly altered the description of its company in a handful of different places to make clear that it isn't owned by PlayStation. Perhaps the most notable of these locations happens to be on the company's Twitter page. "Bluepoint Games is a fully independent self-funded studio," says the studio's bio on social media. The line about being "fully independent" seems to have been a new addition after it seemed as though the company was joining PlayStation Studios.

This same sort of verbiage was also added to a handful of job listings at Bluepoint as well. "Bluepoint Games is a completely independent and financially stable video game development company comprised of industry veterans who believe that hiring nothing but top talent means better products and a better environment, with less overhead and politics," said a description for one role on the studio website.

So what should we make of this? Well, it seems like Bluepoint is trying its best to stress to fans (and potential job applicants) that it isn't a studio that is presently owned by Sony, or even will become acquired in the near future. If PlayStation was sitting on a potential acquisition announcement in relation to Bluepoint, it would stand to reason that the studio wouldn't go out of its way in this manner to stress that it's independent. So while it may have previously seemed like PlayStation let slip a Bluepoint acquisition announcement a bit early, there's now a decent chance that such a move isn't going to happen whatsoever.


What do you make of all of this? Do you think PlayStation could still end up buying Bluepoint? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.