Borderlands 3 Reveals First Campaign DLC Details

Borderlands 3 is getting its first campaign DLC soon when Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot [...]

Borderlands 3 is getting its first campaign DLC soon when Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot releases in December. Gearbox and 2K announced the release of the first continuation of Borderlands 3's main story on Wednesday and said the DLC will be available starting on December 19th to take players on a casino-themed mission with throwbacks to Handsome Jack. Players have to pull off a big casino heist and will have to go up against relics from Hyperion's past to do so.

Fully announced during the most recent episode of The Borderlands Show, the new DLC can be seen in the trailer above as it sets up the story for the event. Moxxi enlists the Vault Hunters in a scheme to steal from what's left of Handsome Jack's casino after the Hyperion head stole her designs for the operation. Handsome Jack is long gone by now, but parts of his Hyperion empire like his robotic forces still linger in the casino to defend what's there.

"Moxxi's assembling a crew to plunder a derelict space station casino and you've proven yourself worthy of joining her ragtag team of 'experts,'" the Borderlands site said about the new DLC. "Successfully battle your way through Hyperion security forces and crazed casino-goers to reach a safe loaded with Eridium, cash, and all-new Legendary loot!"

The requirements for participating in this DLC are pretty low, so anyone who's gotten into Borderlands 3 since the game released will most likely be able to partake in Moxxi's heist. All you have to do is make it to the point where you can access Sanctuary III and you're good to go. Like other optional Borderlands endeavors though, it's probably best to wait until you're at the max level if you're already near it since this DLC's challenges scale. This will ensure you get rewards fitting of your level and will be able to continue using the weapons you get without growing out of them in a few hours.

According to the announcement, Borderlands 3's first DLC will be available through the game's season pass as well as the Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition and will be available on December 19th. There was no mention of the DLC being sold separately as a standalone product.