Borderlands 3 Boss Suggests There Won't Be Any DLC Vault Hunters

It looks like Borderlands 3 won't be getting any DLC Vault Hunters like in previous games. According to Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford, the feeling at the studio that's more beneficial to expand on the Vault Hunters that are already in the game with future content, not start over from scratch with new ones. And this stance probably isn't going to change, because, according to Pitchford, the data supports this.

"We are focused on the main game for now, but my feelings are that it might be better for us to put our time into expanding what the existing vault hunters can do and how interesting their future growth is instead of adding new ones to start over with," writes Pitchford on Twitter. "Data seems to support this."

Of course, as you can see, Gearbox never plainly confirms that there won't be any additional Vault Hunters added via DLC, but he more or less confirms that for the moment it's not in Gearbox's plans to add this type of content.

That said, the game will have DLC. In fact, it will have four-story based DLC releases. However, as you would expect, Gearbox isn't ready to talk about any of this content.

Borderlands 3 is in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Barring any delay, it will release worldwide on September 13. There's been no word of any additional ports.

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"Borderlands 3 is one of those games that people have been waiting on for so long that it seems as though it might be impossible to match the community's excitement for it," reads a snippet from the preview. "People might find themselves worrying that the character's quips and asides will fall short after years of the same humor or that the loot-heavy genre is too crowded now for a new Borderlands game. But after playing some of Borderlands 3 during Gearbox's first big gameplay event, it was a relief to see that there's no need for these concerns. Borderlands is back in full force, feels just as familiar as ever, has still found ways to update its systems, and comes prepared to reclaim its place at the top of the looter-shooter hill."

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