Rumor: Borderlands 3 May Get an Official Reveal Right Before E3

We’ve been talking about Borderlands 3 over the past few months now, with bits and pieces about [...]

Borderlands 3 2

We've been talking about Borderlands 3 over the past few months now, with bits and pieces about the game slowly getting revealed and giving 2K a potential hit for later this year. But it looks like we'll finally be able to see what the much-rumored sequel has to offer in just a few weeks, as it's set for a possible reveal right before E3.

A Reddit post from a user named ShineRise 1 (which has since been taken down, but is up on Google Cache here) notes that Borderlands 3 will be revealed for the first time on June 10. There was a video snippet up at one point, but it looks to have been taken off of Vimeo, either at the request of 2K Games or the development team over at Gearbox. We did manage to grab a screen grab, though, which you can see below.

Borderlands 3

As you can see, this image looks a little suspect. Some people are noting that part of the image might have been taken from Dark Souls. But the font still looks like it's Borderlands-ish. All the same, without official word, take it with a very light grain of salt.

This brings up an interesting idea, though. Before E3 takes place, both Microsoft and Bethesda will be hosting press conferences on June 10. Now, Bethesda isn't likely to say anything since they have their own announcements going on, but what about Microsoft?

There is a possibility that the big "M" might have partnered up with 2K to make Borderlands 3 "the best" on Xbox One and Xbox One X platforms, as part of a partnership to build up hype. Again, no one has said anything, but a reveal on Microsoft's stage would give Borderlands 3 a lot of exposure, and it'd start the week off right when it comes to big game announcements. Because, yes, we all want a new Borderlands, right?

And this announcement could work in favor for both 2K and Gearbox, since both companies were kind of hurting from how Battleborn performed against the likes of Blizzard's Overwatch, which released just two weeks after. Borderlands 3 should have no problem recapturing that momentum, and giving all parties involved the big hit they need for the holiday season, if that's when it's releasing.

We'll see what Gearbox and 2K hint at over the next few weeks, but, yes, friends, it looks like it might be just about time to re-gather your co-op buddies and grab hold of your bazillions of guns. Fingers crossed.