'Borderlands 3' Seemingly Being Teased Again, Reveal Imminent?

(Photo: Gearbox)

We've known about Borderlands 3 for awhile now, but Gearbox has yet to unveil the newest entry in the zany action RPG meets first-person shooter series.

As you may remember, at one point it was reported the game would finally make its grand appearance during or before E3 2018. But Gearbox shot down those chances in the build-up to the show.

During a 2K financial call earlier this year, the game's publisher seemingly divulged that the title would release sometime between Spring 2019 and early 2020. This was followed by a report that the former -- a 2019 release date -- was the more likely of the two.

If the game is indeed 2019-bound, then a reveal should be forthcoming soon. And going off teases from Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, we may finally be getting just that.

The master of teasing -- teasing that sometimes seemingly manifests into nothing -- Pitchford has been tweeting about the number three quite a bit lately, aka Borderlands 3.

In addition to the above and ambiguous tweets about the number three, Pitchford also tweeted out earlier today that it feels like E3.

With Pitchford, these tweets could mean absolutely nothing. As mentioned above, he has a history of teasing, and his teases don't always bare fruit.


Interestingly, what "feels like E3 all over again..." refers to isn't clear. Is this a tease for an announcement or him saying that like before E3, fans are anticipating a Borderlands 3 reveal next month, which isn't in the pipeline? I'm not sure. But paired with the the other two tweets, I'd like to think a Borderlands 3 reveal is coming soon, perhaps on December 6 during The Game Awards 2018.