Bully Voice Actor Wants a Sequel

(Photo: Rockstar Games)

Back in March, Gerry Rosenthal, the voice actor of Bully protagonist Jimmy Hopkins, revealed he would love to return for a sequel. Fast-forward a bit, and now the voice actor of another prominent character in the game has revealed the same thing. More specifically, Matt Bush, the voice actor of Pete Kowalski, confirmed that he would love to work with Rockstar Games and make a sequel. The actor's interest in a sequel was revealed during a new Q&A video hosted by SWEGTA, a YouTuber who predominately treks in content related to Bully and its hypothetical sequel. As you may remember, it was SWEGTA who relayed word that Bully 2 may not only be in development at Rockstar Games, but releasing next year on both current and next-gen consoles.

Of course, at the moment, Rockstar Games hasn't suggested it's making a sequel to 2006's Bully, and it has hardly recognized the series' existence beyond a few Easter Egg references here and there. That said, not only have two main actors on the game expressed a lot of interest in returning for a sequel, but there's an increasing amount of demand from nostalgic gamers. The game is 13 years old, and there's been no significant evidence that a sequel is in development. Yet, there's considerable demand. That's not only very impressive, but almost unheard of.

As you would expect, during the Q&A, Bush was also asked about whether he was working on a sequel. According to the actor, Rockstar Games hasn't called him back for a follow-up. At least this is his official on-the-record answer. While Bush outright denies any knowledge of a sequel, there are a few times where Bush seems to tease Bully fans. You can view two examples of the latter, below:

There are a few other instances where Bush seems to suggest he knows something Bully fans don't know, but it's also quite possible -- if not probable -- he's simply amusing himself and having some lighthearted fun, knowing very well his body language and every word he says will be hyper-analyzed by the series' hardcore community. Further, if Bush was involved in a Bully sequel, he'd be under a very strict NDA that would almost certainly not even allow for even teases of this nature.

To conclude, is there any new evidence that Bully 2 is happening? No, but we do know Rosenthal and Bush would both cherish the opportunity to work again on the IP, joining a long list of hopefuls that are earnestly praying Rockstar Games hasn't forgotten how to make games not named GTA or Red Dead.


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