Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Gets Another Beta Update

Treyarch has another update out for the second Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 beta that’s going on [...]

Treyarch has another update out for the second Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 beta that's going on this weekend that implements several performance improvements and changes to scorestreaks and maps.

There's just around one day left in this week's beta with the players still trying out Black Ops 4's multiplayer having a new version of the beta to test. Keeping players updated on Twitter as well as through the game's subreddit, Treyarch shared the list below of everything that's new today after an update was deployed.

General Fixes:

  • General Stability and Performance Improvements.


  • General
    • Increased the delay at the start of a round before you can activate certain lethal Scorestreaks.
  • Strike Team
    • Doubled the health of each Strike Team squad member. This should help the Strike Team survive and react in situations where they are taking fire from several enemies at once.
  • Mantis
    • Fixed a text string on the Care Package containing the Mantis.


  • Gridlock:
    • Fixed an exploitable location near the bath house which allowed players to look across the map.

The update from Treyarch also acknowledge that players on the Xbox One have been experiencing issues during this beta that prevented them from starting the game, but those issues should now be fixed after an update has been deployed.

After the beta has concluded, Treyarch says that it'll return with a comprehensive recap of this weekend's round of testing while also addressing some design changes that the developer has planned. Until that happens after the beta ends, players can take advantage of double experience both for their accounts and their weapons. There's also a new game mode called Heist that's still available, a mode that tasks players with moving a bag of cash from one point to another with limited resources to assist them.

Though this is just a beta and the level cap only goes up to 40, there's still an incentive to level up. Those who reach the highest level will have a special unlock token waiting for them when the game launches to allow for a quick unlock of any class item.

"Regarding the level cap, you've got some work to do on that last one (you know who you are)," Treyarch's update said. "And the reward for doing it? Players that achieve max rank during the Beta will earn one permanent unlock token, which unlocks any item from the Create-a-Class menu at launch."

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launches on October 12.