'Call of Duty: Black Ops 4' Is Adding Two Specialist Weapons to Blackout

Treyarch is bringing two Specialist weapons over from Multiplayer to the Blackout battle royale [...]

Treyarch is bringing two Specialist weapons over from Multiplayer to the Blackout battle royale mode as part of a new update. Zero and Outrider are the two characters who will have their weapons added to Blackout's loot table so that players can find either an EMP or the Sparrow bow that fires off explosive arrows. The new Specialist weapons are said to be included in the game's next update that's releasing on Tuesday.

During the livestream that Treyarch previewed last week, Treyarch's David Vonderhaar discussed some of what's changing for the Blackout mode on March 26th. One of the first topics the studio design director addressed was the addition of the two Specialists' weapons after he confirmed that the EMP and Sparrow would be added. Vonderhaar discussed Treyarch's thought process behind choosing certain Specialist weapons over others and explained how the EMP can be used.

The EMP will look familiar to those who frequent the Multiplayer mode and will have a similar effect of disrupting enemies' technologies. Most notably, it can also be used to temporarily disable a vehicle. This means that players who have an EMP at their disposal will have a better chance of taking a vehicle as opposed to just blowing one up. Vonderhaar also pointed out that the item will help prevent players from getting run down by vehicles. The rarity of the item wasn't discussed, but it sounds as though it'll be part of the equipment items players can set up and throw.

Coming with the EMP is Outrider's Sparrow, another Specialist weapon. This bow comes with 10 explosive arrows, can't be reloaded, and is only found in care packages, so it'll be up to players to hit the shots they have before the weapon's ammo is depleted.

Vonderhaar said during the stream that the Sparrow can be considered a "humiliation" weapon and explained that the team didn't want to give it refillable ammo so as to avoid having too many ammo types laying around and also as a way to balance the weapon for Blackout.

"Here's the weapon, have fun with it for a little bit," Vonderhaar said about the thinking behind adding these weapons with limited ammo. "You get a few units of usage – in this case it's 10 for this weapon.

Black Ops 4's update on Tuesday will add the two Specialist weapons to Blackout among other changes for all game modes.


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