Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Appears to Be Bringing Back an Original Black Ops Map

It looks like Treyarch is planning on bringing back one of the original maps in Call of Duty: [...]

It looks like Treyarch is planning on bringing back one of the original maps in Call of Duty: Black Ops, the first in the series that's led up to Black Ops 4. In a teaser that shows a brief video and previews upcoming content in Black Ops 4, we see what looks to be the WMD map from the original Black Ops. The view of the large map from Black Ops is one longtime players will remember from years ago, though we can expect it to have an updated look to fit in with Black Ops 4's standards.

Just because the map's been shown off on the game's Twitter account doesn't mean that we know exactly how it'll be added though. With Black Ops 4, there's more than one way Treyarch could put the map in the game. The most likely outcome is that it's added as a new Multiplayer map seeing how it was already playable in that form many years ago.

Another option is that it'll be added to the Blackout map somehow, a map that's periodically evolving to boast different features and locations of interest. This method of adding the map seems less likely considering how snowy the map is compared to the rest of Blackout's map. It wouldn't exactly fit in with the rest of the map, though size doesn't seem like it'd be a limiter since Blackout already has some sizable locations to explore.

If it is indeed a Multiplayer map, there's also the question of how it'll be distributed to players. It could end up being a map that's only for Black Ops Pass holders, or perhaps Treyarch will give this one away for free.

Whatever the plan is, it shouldn't be too long until players find out and get WMD in some form. Teasers like the one above have been shared repeatedly in the past few days to preview the upcoming content that's planned for the next Operation.


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