Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Adding Another Classic Mode in Season 3

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has slowly but surely been adding new modes with the start of each season and throughout big content releases, and at the start of Season Three, we'll see yet another new mode added. This mode is only new to Black Ops Cold War, however, since it's been a fan-favorite in past Call of Duty games. The mode is the hectic "Sticks and Stones" experience, and it'll be playable in Black Ops Cold War as soon as you download the Season Three update.

The mode made its first appearance in the original Call of Duty: Black Ops and is coming back home this week with the start of Season Three. It'll be joined by the Ballistic Knife that's being added to other modes as a new weapon, a tool which has been a core part of the Sticks and Stones formula since its inception. Treyarch detailed the loadouts Sticks and Stones players will have in this iteration in the game's latest set of patch notes and said that Prop Hunt would step aside to make room for the new Call of Duty mode.

"Of course, the addition of the Ballistic Knife means the classic Stick and Stones party mode from the original Black Ops is also making its comeback!" Treyarch said. "This is one of our favorite MP modes in Call of Duty history, and we're excited to jump in with everyone in the community this week. Brush up on your crossbow shots and Tomahawk throws, and we'll see you in the dedicated Sticks and Stones playlist. Note: Prop Hunt is making way for Sticks and Stones in the Featured Playlist lineup this week, and will return later in Season Three with the new Yamantau and Diesel maps added to the Prop Hunt rotation."

Assuming the Black Ops Cold War version of Sticks and Stones works like it did in the past, we'll see players use these loadouts to test their skills with nontraditional weapons to see who can reach the winning score first. Killing a player with a tomahawk has historically caused that player to go "bankrupt" and lose their points, so watch out for that if it's still in place in Black Ops Cold War.


Back in Season Two, Treyarch brought back Gun Game, another familiar mode from the Black Ops franchise's catalog of party game modes.