New Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Experience Is a Timed PlayStation Exclusive

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Zombies game mode will be available for everyone right when the game launches on November 13th, but there's one special Zombies mode that'll only be available on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 at first. It's called "Zombies Onslaught," and it's a two-player Zombies mode where players are tasked with tearing through multiplayer settings by defeating zombies and staying within the protection of the all-powerful Dark Aether Orb. The mode will be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles until November 1, 2021, when it'll come to the Xbox family of consoles and the PC platform.

Activision and Sony shared the first details on the new Zombies Onslaught mode this week in a PlayStation Blog post. The mode still features tons of zombies, but it takes place on multiplayer maps instead. Players will start out in one area of a map where they're under the protection from the Dark Aether Orb that prevents players from taking damage from Dark Aether that surrounds them.

By killing enough zombies as they spawn in, you can power up the Dark Aether Orb and make it move to a new zone. You'll have to follow it as it moves to make sure you stay within its zone of protection while still fending off the zombies that continue to spawn. You get to use custom loadouts in Zombies Onslaught just as you'll be able to in the normal Zombies mode.

Also the traditional Zombies experience, you'll find some more challenging zombies spawning occasionally. These are called "Elites," and if you're trying to get a high score, you'll want to take them out first since they're worth more in the final tally than the fodder zombies.

"Surges can also include Elite enemies, more powerful adversaries compared to the regular zombified masses," Activision Editorial lead writer James Mattone said. However, don't count them as cannon fodder: the restricted area can bring them within arm's length, which is all they need to bring you and your duo down."


Higher ranks will earn players rewards they can use on both the Zombies mode and the traditional multiplayer experience. New maps and rewards will be added for players on the PlayStation consoles with the start of every season.

We've already seen in the past that Black Ops Cold War content would be exclusive to the PlayStation consoles for a while, but the content revealed before was much different than an entire game mode. Those one the Xbox console and PCs will still be able to play Zombies, but they'll have to wait for Zombies Onslaught.