Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Teases Massive New Zombies Mode

Treyarch finally announced the release date for Season 2 of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty: Warzone on Tuesday morning, releasing a cinematic trailer that introduced a new operator and some additional weapons. However, the biggest tease of the day came from Treyarch's official Twitter account shortly after the trailer dropped. In addition to new content in Call of Duty's various multiplayer modes, something massive is coming to Zombies. It looks as though Breakout could finally be upon us.

There have been reports and rumors about a new Zombies mode called Outbreak, which is apparently going to be an "open world" take on the popular franchise. With a Warzone-sized map and seemingly unlimited options, this would be an incredible new way for players to experience Zombies. To this point, Treyarch hasn't announced anything official in regards to this new mode, but the Tweet on Thursday seems to hint at its arrival in the near future. Take a look!

The first thing that longtime CoD players will notice about the gif in the tweet is the chandelier that can be seen through the moving portal. It looks a lot like the chandelier from the iconic Kino der Toten map. Kino could definitely be a part of this new Zombies venture, but the language in the tweet itself seems to align with the rumors about Outbreak.

"Breach scale: Large" is the first line of the tweet, and that lines up with what has been reported in regards to the new game mode. Outbreak is said to exist in a massive map, potentially the rumored Ural Mountains area in Warzone. This would be the largest type of map ever seen in a Zombies game, meaning it would take an enormous breach of the undead to fill it.

The second line in the tweet says, "0% contained." Remember, the rumored Outbreak mode has been called an "open world" version of Zombies. So, while the comment about nothing being contained is definitely referring to a zombie apocalypse, it also hints at the game itself.


Until something is actually confirmed from the developers, it's hard to put a finger on exactly what's coming next for Zombies, but the stars of Outbreak are definitely aligning. With Season 2 on the horizon, we could be getting that massive Zombies game sooner, rather than later.

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