Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Getting a Feature to Fix an Annoying Problem

Infinity Ward is looking to add a new feature to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s menus that’ll hopefully alleviate a small frustration players have probably experienced when navigating the game’s menus. The proposed feature is a “clear all current green dots” button that would let players immediately clear off those lingering green dots that indicate they’ve unlocked something they haven’t looked at yet. The feature was mentioned in response to a bug where players would have a green dot notification despite not having anything new to examine, but the feature would be useful regardless to anyone who doesn’t want to revisit all their unlocks to get rid of the dot.

Modern Warfare’s art director Joel Emslie told players about the plans for the feature in a response to a Reddit post. Emslie said there were plans to add the feature in the “near future” and to stay tuned for more info.

“Bugs aside with the green bread crumb,” Emslie said. “We are pushing to get a clear all current green dots in the menus button. Hoping sometime in the near future stay tuned.”

Emslie’s response came after a player posted on the Modern Warfare subreddit about a supposed bug with the game’s Calling Cards. The player said they had a new Calling Card, according to a green dot, but they couldn’t get the notification removed even after selecting all the Calling Cards they had.

According to the game’s Trello board which tracks different issues Infinity Ward is aware of, the problem isn’t limited to just that player. There was no mention of a feature that would remove all the green dots at once, but the Trello card did acknowledge the problem and said a fix was in-progress.


Whether you’ve encountered the problem or not, having this sort of feature in Modern Warfare would allow players to quickly clear that annoying green dot from their menus whenever they unlock new stuff but they don’t care to go find it all. This frustration is more prevalent in newer accounts where players accumulate tons of unlocks quickly by leveling up and completing different challenges. If you’ve ever found yourself being met by the green dot every time you enter a Call of Duty menu but eventually gave up on clearing the notifications, this feature is the one for you.

Handy Modern Warfare features aside, the much more interesting news about the game recently all centers around the game’s rumored battle royale mode. We haven’t seen an official announcement from Activision or Infinity Ward yet, but all signs point towards an imminent reveal of a battle royale mode.