Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Mission May Hint at Classic Map's Return

Another classic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare map might be coming to the game soon if a discovery made in one of the game’s Spec Ops missions is anything to go off of. A Modern Warfare player who was playing one of the Spec Ops missions found a house which appears to be a reference to the Overgrown map from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It’s unclear how the map will be implemented into the game if it’s ever truly going to be added, but the find has gotten players’ hopes up.

The Redditor by the name of iMarty5291 shared the video below within the Modern Warfare subreddit to share their discovery with the community. While playing the Harbinger Spec Ops mission, they came across a home which looked suspiciously similar to the “Grandma’s House” location from the Overgrown map.

The player added some context to the video in the comments and said the inside of the building was identical to the one that was seen in Call of Duty 4 and the remastered version which was released not long ago.

Overgrown Confirmed!? (Found Grandma’s House in Spec Ops mission) from r/modernwarfare

“This house is located in Spec Ops Mission Harbinger,” the player said in the comments. “It is the only house located near the safehouse where the mission ends and the team is extracted. It has an identical layout to grandma’s house from COD4 and Remastered.”

Just because the building was found in the Spec Ops mission doesn’t mean that we’re definitely going to be getting Overgrown next week or anything like that though. It could be a tease for what’s to come, but it could also be that it’s just a clever nod to a map that was a favorite of many long-time Call of Duty players.


There have been several leaks in the past about upcoming Call of Duty maps, some of them disproven while others still seem possible. Some think that Overgrown could be added as its own map just like Shipment and other classic battlegrounds were, though others are still holding out for the idea of a battle royale mode in the future which could incorporate maps into it like Black Ops 4 did.

Shipment has been plagued by frustrating spawns since its release though, so hopefully a big map like Overgrown wouldn’t have that problem if it were ever actually added.