Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Update Buffs 2 Weapons, Patch Notes Revealed

All the Call of Duty talk might be around Black Ops Cold War and Warzone this week with both games getting their big Season 1 launch and finally joining forces, but Modern Warfare isn’t going anywhere itself. Infinity Ward’s latest Call of Duty game got an update this week as well just as the split happened to separate Warzone and Modern Warfare. The update in question refreshed the playlist options in Modern Warfare and also buffed two different weapons among a few other fixes added to the game.

The patch notes for the Modern Warfare update look a bit different this time now that they no longer deal with Warzone. Modern Warfare would occasionally get its own updates that didn’t affect the battle royale game at all, but typically, the patches released would have two separate sets of changes for each game and the occasional overlapping notes dealing with things like battle pass progression.

Now, the update released on December 15th has only updated playlists for Modern Warfare and bug fixes specific to that game. You can see the full patch notes for the update below with the weapon buffs for the Fennec and the ISO noted at the end.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare December 15th Patch Notes

Modern Warfare Playlist Update:

  • Boots on the Ground War
  • Blueprint Gunfight
  • Face Off
  • SnD Double Down
  • Realism Gun Game

General Fixes:

  • Fix for a bug on Hackney Yard that could prevent Minotaur from performing an execution
  • Fixed bug where some players were unable to obtain a Nuke after obtaining the correct number of kills
  • Fixes to help the Wheelson path up various terrain
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Revive’ prompt while playing Cyber Attack was appearing inconsistently


  • Fennec: Increased damage range
  • ISO: Increased damage range

Where we’d usually see information about Warzone, Infinity Ward’s notes now refer players to Treyarch’s site instead where you’ll find a big blog about Season One and what all is included in the first Black Ops Cold War season. The Modern Warfare content in Warzone isn’t going anywhere, but from now on, you’ll want to look to the Black Ops Cold War patch notes to see what’s changing in the battle royale game.