Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Update Released, Here's What's New

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's patch notes for the game's latest update are now out with a bunch of fixes resolving issues where things wouldn't appear properly in-game among other problems. It didn't include any balance adjustments for weapons or things like that though, so this update is a lighter one in terms of changes. Players of course had their own lists of requests for things they wanted change, but it looks like they'll have to wait until a future update to see those if they ever happen.

Patch notes for the update can be found here courtesy of the post shared within the game's subreddit where the patch notes are always found. You'll see quite a few changes listed there for problems that you might've encountered recently in Modern Warfare.

Within the comments on the patch notes post, players called for changes on specific problems like objective alerts and flag placements in Domination. At the top of players' lists of requests was the removal of the SBMM system which players have been speaking out about for the past few weeks.

Infinity Ward also updated the playlists in the game recently. You can find that info as well as the actual patch notes in the list of changes below.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare December 11th Patch Notes

  • Fix for the R9-0 Smoothebore not appearing correctly in-game
  • Fix for the "Smooth Dominator" not appearing correctly in-game
  • Fix for the "Heat Cycle" weapon not appearing correctly in-game
  • Fix for a bug where equipping the "Old Wounds" LMG could cause an error, kicking players out of the menu
  • Operator challenge descriptions have been updated to indicate that a specific Operator must be equipped in order to complete the challenge
  • If you reached a new rank while in the middle of a match and perform the criteria to complete a challenge you just unlocked, progress would not show in the UI until you entered a new match. We've done some backend work to help improve this.
  • Fix for Objective 2 of Mara's Operator Mission showing a placeholder name 'Desert Work' for the reward
  • Fix for Wyatt's Calling Card appearing with the incorrect rarity
  • Fix for the Cluster Strike's missiles getting stuck on surfaces without detonating and playing looping audio the remainder of the match
  • Fix for exploits in Special Operations: Survival