Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Update Reveals How Many Players Have Been Banned

Cheaters are still doing their best to circumvent the rules of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, but the bans levied against them by Infinity Ward haven’t let up either. An update on the anti-cheat measures present in the games and how they’ve affected cheaters was shared this week by the developer to give an idea of how many people have been banned. Infinity Ward said it’s already banned over 200,000 accounts, and considering how active both games are, that number’s definitely going to keep going up.

The latest on anti-cheat progress in Warzone and Modern Warfare was shared on Twitter by Infinity Ward to announce the number of accounts that have been banned. That number’s been growing over time – there were 50,000 Warzone players banned in March, for example – and there were even more players banned just this week.

Infinity Ward also added that it’s still continually updating its security systems and are adding more tools to combat cheaters as they advance their own programs and methods.

Back in April, Infinity Ward introduced one of the most entertaining anti-cheat measures of all. The update to the anti-cheat systems made it so that cheaters would be placed into lobbies against each other. This change would affect suspected cheaters, so even if it wasn’t confirmed that they were cheating just yet, it’d be much easier to see who’s cheating when there’s supposed to be a lobby full of them. Though cheaters are constantly finding ways around the anti-cheat measures before they’re updated, the anti-cheat systems have certainly frustrated cheaters in the past.

For those who play by the rules and report those who don’t to get them banned, Infinity Ward also added a notification system in the past that would tell people when a report they issued resulted in action being taken. Sending out notifications like that is a common anti-cheat measure in many games now since it gives players the satisfaction of seeing the results of the anti-cheat systems and knowing that their efforts led to something instead of just encountering cheaters over and over in games while seeing numbers like the one above floated occasionally to show them that people were being banned.