Call of Duty: Warzone's New Anti-Cheat Changes Are Frustrating Cheaters

Infinity Ward continued its anti-cheat measures in Call of Duty: Warzone this week by enabling two-step SMS authentication on the PC platform, and it appears that the change is making quite the impact on cheaters. The change makes it so that it’s more difficult to create new accounts in Warzone since new ones are tied to a phone number on PC now, and it’s making it more difficult for cheaters to create endless numbers of new accounts to use their cheats again without having to worry about bans.

Warzone cheaters have plagued the game since its release and are by far the most prevalent on the PC platform where players encounter aimbots and other issues that ruin the game for people just trying to play normally. Infinity Ward has been adding more anti-cheat measures periodically like one change that made it so that cheaters who were caught had to play against one another instead of in normal lobbies, but this latest change appears to have gotten cheaters good.

One post that’s been making the rounds online (via Eurogamer) highlighted a complaint someone launched against anti-cheat measures and faulty cheats in general. Shared on Reddit within one of the Warzone subreddits, the post from Redditor aur0n called out the “whining” cheater who lamented the fact that someone’s cheats weren’t working after the latest Warzone changes despite claims that they’d still work.

Cheaters forums are now full of whining people that can't play anymore. What a wonderful feeling. Thank you, IW. from r/CODWarzone

“Now I can never play Warzone because the account that had my phone number on it is shadowbanned!” the person said. “and you HAVE to have a valid phone number to play the game!”


The person went on to say that if you’re going to try to cheat, at least don’t use the cheats the person they bought them from is selling. From the looks of it though, even the cheaters who say their cheats are ban-proof are finding that the new measures are working as intended and banning them and future accounts anyway. The person who made the post above on a cheating forum said they’d made over 20 Modern Warfare accounts and over half of them were banned before even playing the game.

Infinity Ward seems committed to its continued anti-cheat changes based on what’s been seen in the past few months, so expect more satisfying posts like the one above to be seen in the future.

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