New Call of Duty: MW3 Update Released With Patch Notes

The newest update for Season 3 of MW3 is now live.

The latest update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III has today been released by Activision across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Since the start of Season 3 just a few weeks back, Activision has pushed out some smaller updates for MW3 to fix various problems that have arisen in-game. Now, this trend has continued once again with a patch that should address some issues that players have been running into. 

Downloadable right now, the newest update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is the smallest one that has been seen so far in Season 3. Beyond fixing some errors tied to progression and UI, Activision has also balanced a number of weapons that include assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, and snipers. Other slight gameplay alterations have been made to killstreaks and equipment. Other than this, the only other area that this update addresses is tied to Ranked Play, which sees a new Weapon Evaluation system going live for the next week. 

To view everything that has been changed with this new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III update, you can check out the full patch notes at the bottom of this article. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III April 16 Update Patch Notes



  • Maps widget in the Quick Play menu can now be scrolled to view all entries.

  • MORS Sniper Rifle will now display the correct icon in the kill feed.

  • Emblems unlocked in MWII will now be stated as such in the Customization menu.

  • Addressed various issues causing certain stats to not be tracked on the Scoreboard in COD Caster mode.

  • Resolved an issue causing the score to appear as 0-0 during the round transition in Gunfight and Search and Destroy.

  • Editing a Loadout during a match will no longer cause the player to be given an incorrect Loadout.


  • Executing a player with the Soulrender will no longer grant more XP than a standard Finishing Move.

  • Resolved an issue preventing the Winner's Perks Challenge from tracking progress.


Assault Rifles

  • MTZ-556

    • Increased bullet velocity from 650m/s to 690m/s (+6%).

  • Holger 556

    • Adjusted recoil and gun kick to decrease deviation, allowing a more predictable pattern.

  • M16 (MWII)

    • Decreased horizontal and vertical recoil by 20%.

    • Decreased gun kick by 20%.

    • Decreased visual recoil by 18%.

Submachine Guns

  • RAM-9

    • Decreased minimum and maximum hipfire accuracy by 10%.

    • Increased aim down sight time from 200ms to 220ms (+10%).

  • Striker 9

    • Removed the ability to aim down sights while sliding without Tactical Pads equipped.

  • Striker

    • Decreased aim down sight time from 215ms to 204ms (-5%).

    • Increased bullet velocity from 540m/s to 570m/s (+6%).

  • WSP Swarm

    • Decreased flinch resistance from 0.8N to 0.15N (-81%).


  • Haymaker

    • JAK Maglift Kit

      • Decreased damage pellet count from 5 to 4 (-20%).

      • Decreased near-medium damage from 20 to 19 (-5%).

      • Decreased near-medium damage range to 6.4m.

Before today's update, the near-medium damage was set to an improper value, potentially allowing more ranged lethality than intended.

Sniper Rifles

  • MORS

    • Corrected an optic misalignment causing shots to travel slightly off-center.


  • MORS Hexer Optic

    • Removed aim down sight speed benefit.

  • ECS Requieter Suppressor Muzzle

    • Added compatibility with all MWII Submachine Guns.


  • EMD Grenade (Tactical)

    • Tracking device will now ignore enemies who are downed.

    • Downed players now must stand before removing the tracking device.

  • Frag Grenade (Lethal)

    • Increased intermediate explosive damage from 130 to 150 (+15%).

    • Decreased intermediate explosive damage radius from 4.9m to 3.8m (-22%).


  • Remote Turret

    • Player is no longer forcibly swapped to their Primary Weapon upon the destruction of an owned turret.



  • Treyarch, Sledgehammer Games, and the Call of Duty League are excited to share that we will begin a Weapon Evaluation this week after the success of our previous Map Evaluation.
  • Starting April 16th, the following weapons will be unrestricted and available in MWII Ranked Play loadouts until April 23rd.
    • ARs
      • BP50
      • Holger 556
      • MTZ-556
    • SMGs
    • HRM-9
    • RAM-9
  • Your feedback and gameplay data during this Weapon Evaluation will help The Call of Duty League and our teams decide if they are added to the official CDL competitive ruleset at a later date.
  • Feel free to share clips and feedback online to @Treyarch@SHGames, and @CODLeague by including the #MW3RankedPlay hashtag. 


  • Addressed an issue that prevented a limited number of players from accessing MWIII Ranked Play.
  • Addressed an issue that prevented Platinum and above players from being able to view their Seasonal Rewards.
  • Addressed an issue that impacted the Seattle Surge 2024 camo pattern.
    • Players will now see the correct lightning pattern as shown in the Camo select menu.