Call of Duty Player Proves He's Cheating by Trying to Prove He's Not

A Call of Duty: Vanguard player who goes by "Kenji" tried to prove that he wasn't cheating in a 2v2 match recently but instead proved that he was, in fact, cheating. The player was apparently using a wall hack in Vanguard during a competitive match with his cheats exposed by a camera that he set up himself. He's since been banned from the College CoD League alongside the rest of his collegiate teammates who won't be ablet to play in the league for the rest of the year.

Kenji and his partner were playing against another duo, ImSasukee and iLuhvly, who were apparently suspicious that he may have been cheating, so in an attempt to prove his innocence, he set up a separate camera to show himself and his monitor. The player apparently forgot to turn off his wall hack, however, which was pretty clearly seen afterwards by the camera he'd set up himself. The video below is the one that's being circulated online and shows some red rectangles dancing around the player's screen which makes for an obvious sign of a wall hack being used.

You won't find this video on Kenji's personal channels however since that stream and other videos have been deleted, but this particular video and other evidence of the cheats aren't going to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The College CoD League announced Kenji's ban as well as the ban of the rest of his university's team shortly afterwards in the official Discord server. None of those affected by these bans will be able to play again until 2023.

"Kenji is permanently banned from the CCL," the statement about the ban (via PC Gamer) reads. "Grand Canyon University is disqualified from the rest of the 2022 season and post-season. All GCU players listed below that competed alongside Kenji are banned until the beginning of the 2023 Season and may return to competition in the 2023 Season."

Activision employed a new Ricochet Anti-Cheat system within Vanguard to prevent these sorts of things happening, but as any number of incredulous posts from Call of Duty players on social media will tell you, cheats can and do still show up in Vanguard. Hearing about cheaters and people getting banned isn't uncommon by any means, but it's far less common to see someone incriminate themselves in this manner while trying to prove that they weren't cheating.

[H/T Dexerto]