Call of Duty: Warzone Brings Back Trios

Activision and Infinity Ward have delivered on players’ requests for Trios to return to Call of Duty: Warzone by adding the game mode back to the battle royale game’s playlists. The game mode was removed when Quads were added at the start of Season 3 – a season which just began earlier this week – but players were adamant about the fact that they wanted both Trios and Quads in the game after becoming accustomed to the three-person teams. It’s unclear if the return of Trios was because of players’ requests or whether it was always part of Infinity Ward’s plans, but the game mode is at least back for those who want it.

Infinity Ward announced the return of the Trios mode in a tweet shared early Friday morning. It said that another playlist update had been released, and this one brought back the game mode people had been clamoring for since its removal.

The only difference between the two game modes was how many players were on each team, but the difference was strongly felt by players who’d gotten used to playing in teams of three. Some lamented the fact that they couldn’t fill out their four-person teams and ended up going into a match at a disadvantage without a full team while others complained that the larger player counts in squads meant there were many more players left in the final stages of a match as people were revived or survived.


Infinity Ward’s tweet made no mention of removing any other game mode to make room for Trios’ return, so it looks like Warzone players now have all three of the battle royale modes to look forward to in their next matches. These modes now include Solos, Trios, and Quads, though there’s also reason to believe now more than ever that the game will be adding Duos sooner rather than later.

Removing Trios for good – or at least for a longer duration than it was gone – may have been the plan, though perhaps the removal of Trios was intended to temporarily push players to Quads to see how people liked the mode. People seemed to like it alright, but vocal players said they at least wanted the option between the two that they now have.

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