Call of Duty: Warzone Bug Lets Players Escape Map, Become Invincible

Getting underneath a map has always been a recurring bug in games made even more problematic when it happens in a multiplayer game like Call of Duty: Warzone where it gives players a competitive edge. Players have once again discovered a bug of this kind in Warzone – or at least in the Warzone Rumble mode – that allows them to get underneath the map while still being able to damage enemies that they see through the floor.

The video below from DefendTheHouse shows what happens when you break out of Verdansk’s boundaries in the Warzone Rumble mode by using the latest battle royale bug to do so. Courtesy of a Twitter user who tipped the creators off, it was discovered that if you head over to the Barakett Promenade East portion of the map and into the tunnels that you’ll find the point in the video below where there was one area that apparently wasn’t out of bounds.

As is the case with pretty much every tunnel throughout Verdansk that’d lead out of the map, this one had a sign up on a railing that warned players not to go too far or else they’d be out of the map’s boundaries. This particular area, however, did not have the same effect. The players in the video were able to hop the railing and walk forward into the foggy darkness until they were met with an area that’ll look familiar to anyone who’s ever broken out of a map before.

Once under the map, the players found that they were able to not only see other enemies throughout the rest of the battlefield but also shoot at them up through the ground. Hit markers and kills registered as they typically do when you can get under maps in PvP games which makes this kind of bug particularly problematic. The fact that other players won't be able to see you and can't shoot back from the ground effectively makes you invincible.

These sorts of things don’t stick around in Warzone for long because of that though, so there’s a good chance this bug won’t be around for much longer anyway. There have already been reports from some players on social media saying that this particular bug has been patched out by now, but Infinity Ward hasn’t noted as much in any official updates yet.