Call of Duty: Warzone Nuke Event Begins

While the nuking of Verdasnk wasn't expected until the arrival of Season 3, the event has apparently begun about a week early. On Thursday, players in Call of Duty: Warzone began seeing some serious changes to the map, as well as experiencing some in-game effects that signal the arrival of the nuclear weapons. It looks like this event is going to last quite a while, eventually ending in a new map.

If you log on to play Warzone right now, you'll see some "Radiation Zones" marked out on your map, telling you not to enter those areas. For the time being, those areas are hovering over the Prison and Shipwreck areas of the map. If you recall, those areas coincide with the beginning of the Verdansk zombie takeover.

The outbreak has now taken hold of the entire Verdansk island, as the computer in the game that has been tracking the event now says that the Outbreak Level is at 100%. Take a look.

As if all of this wasn't crazy enough, those radiation zones are actual dangers to players. Yes, it's exciting to try and explore those areas to see what might possibly be changing, but they are also causing players radiation damage while they're inside. The danger from the nuclear weapons is very real.


There is still at least a week until the event really takes hold. Verdansk will start falling apart on Wednesday, April 21st. However, the actual changeover to the new, Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War map won't take place until one day later.

Have you noticed any wild encounters on Verdansk since the bombs started dropping? Let us know in the comments!