Call of Duty: Warzone Update Adds New Item

Call of Duty: Warzone players have a new item to look for now that the battle royale game’s latest update is out. That item is called the Armor Satchel, and as its name suggests, it’s directly related to the armor plates players find scattered throughout the map and can be acquired by completing in-game contracts during matches. It allows players to carry more armor with them to replenish their defenses for whenever they get caught out somewhere or finish a fight, and it’s live in the game now for players to find and use to their advantages.

The new Armor Satchel item was detailed in the patch notes for the latest Warzone update where Infinity Ward explained how it’d work. Players who find the item or complete contracts to acquire it will be able to carry up to eight armor plates which is three more than players can normally carry.

It’s impossible to tell how much reserve armor a player has on them normally when you’re shooting at them normally, so having this Armor Satchel on your person won’t lead to any big brain outplays by making opponents think you’re out of armor. What it will do though is help you stay better fortified during fights or during rotations when you need to get inside the safe area and don’t have time to stop at a Buy Station to top off your armor supplies. If you do find armor, you’ll be in an even better position since you can refresh your supply and have even more for the next fight.

“New item – Armor Satchel – finding one of these allows you to carry up to 8 armor plates instead of 5,” the Warzone patch notes explained. “These drop on death and can be looted by other players. These do not contain any armor plates by default, only increase the player carry amount. Guaranteed reward upon completing Scavenger contracts (replaces Gas Mask as the guaranteed item).”


So if you want to find one of these Armor Satchels, be sure to search the map like usual, loot players’ bodies after you’ve beaten them, and complete Scavenger contracts to make sure you get one. It’s also worth keeping in mind that the other players will probably have them too, so don’t assume someone’s out of armor just because you’ve landed a few hits on them.

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