Next Call of Duty: Warzone Update Will Nerf Several Overpowered Weapons

Call of Duty: Warzone has a couple of weapons that stand out as being pretty powerful right now, a fact that developer Raven Software is all too aware of. Weapons like the DMR 14 have dominated both the battlefield and online discussions recently with the developer acknowledging the prominence of this weapon and others recently on social media. Raven Software confirmed in an announcement that balance updates to “address concerns” for these various weapons will be included in an upcoming update.

The weapons in question that’ll be affected by this balance update are the DMR 14, the Type 63, the Mac 10, and the dual pistols. How we’ll see them change wasn’t mentioned yet and will instead be detailed in the patch notes themselves, but it sounds like we can expect some nerfs to come for the weapons mentioned below.

Raven Software clarified in a follow-up tweet that the changes being made will only apply to Warzone and not to Black Ops Cold War, so those who stick to the main game’s Multiplayer mode need not worry about their favorite weapons getting nerfed this time around, at least not by Raven Software. Black Ops Cold War could very well get its own update around the time that Warzone’s is released to rebalance different weapons, but nothing of that sort has been announced yet.

A release date for the balance update wasn’t announced yet, but Warzone players do know when they can look forward to at least one update for the battle royale game. Just as Black Ops Cold War has adopted a new schedule for playlist updates, Warzone has as well with playlists now being refreshed on a different day. Warzone players can expect the playlists above to be live in the game soon.

The Warzone update with the patch notes detailing how the DMR 14 and other dominant weapons will be nerfed should be released soon now that the plans to nerf the weapons have been confirmed.